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Sync - less

Got my Focus SEL 5 speed last year. Love the car but hated the auto-dimming mirror. Bought a manual dim mirror to replace. Turns out that not having the mirror plugged in kills the Sync system.

Is there some kind of “jumper” that could be plugged into the wire harness that would take the mirror’s place and get the Sync back online?

Put the auto dimming mirror back in and cover the light sensor with tape.

put the auto dimming mirror back in, but replace the light sensor with a toggle sw.

Isn’t the microphone for the Sync system inside the mirror?
Put it back in.
What is the problem with the auto-dimming mirror. I really like the ones on my cars.

You could put the original mirror back and then attach a custom piece of regular mirror with double-sided tape (so that it could be removed if you change your mind or sell the car).

What does the Sync System do?

It operates your bluetooth cell phone hands free and allows you to play music from your iPOD, other MP3 player, or memory stick. It takes voice commands to do this, so it is supposed to be less distracting. It has other features too (depending on the car), but those are the big selling points.

Good idea. Mirror surface replacement material with an adhesive back is available in sheets at any parts store. The OP could carefully trim the piece to fit (it rims with sizzers) and then peel off just the corners of the adhesive back, That’d make it reasonably removable.

A rolling toy box…

My uncle, who owns a Fusion, calls it a computer on wheels

Removes my choice of when & if to dim…

Doesn’t dim sufficiently - hate the weird blue color

Rolling toy box fits better.