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Manual Shift Sync

I have a 2000 Ford Focus hatchback stick shift w/85,000 miles on it.

I was told I need a new Manual Shift Sync unit.

What does this entail?

The synchronizers help match gear speeds to avoid grinding when shifting gears.

The synchronizers are inside the transmission, so if you need to have them replaced it will entail removal and disassembly of the transmission. This will be very expensive, and is an unusual repair on a car with so few miles. Many manual transmissions last 200K or more miles and never need to have their synchronizers replaced.

Who told you this was needed, and what problems, if any, are you having with the transmission?

Unless we are talking about synchronizer, you may want a second opinion or a better description. Please elaborate more on the specific problem you are having so we can understand better. At first, with the terminology you used, I was about to offer you some blinker oil.

Synchronizers are brass discs that help match gear speeds to engage the gears easier when shifting gears. They tend to wear, but, in my experience, takes much longer than 85,000 miles to wear out. I had a Toyota P/U with a 4-speed manual tansmission and 325,000 original miles on it that still had good synchronizers in it.

The main symptom of a bad synchronizer is when the transmission consistently ‘pops’ out of gear. But, a worn linkage can also cause this problem. The only cure for worn out synchros is a transmission rebuild.

If your talking about a linkage problem, maybe the shift linkage and the linkage housing is the problem. On front-wheel drive (FWD) cars, the shift linkage is either cable operated, or the shift linkage and shifter are in a housing that is attached to the engine. Both methods allow the engine to rock and move without kicking the shifter out of gear. If there is a problem here, it can be fixed quickly and far cheaper than a transmision rebuild.

Thanx, Upon reading the other answers, I believe the problem to be linkage.

Aha! I think you’ve got it! I’ll have the linkage checked, Thank you!

PS: How much is your Blinker Oil? I’ve been looking all over.