I removed the driving mirror from my 2009 Ford Taurus (paid $500 extra for it a year ago.) When I traded it in for the Fusion Hybrid I had the mirror from the Taurus installed in my Fusion Hybrid because that mirror had my gate openers on it. I have synced the blue tooth connection to my cell phone on the Ford Hybrid and can make a call and hear the person I am calling. They cannot hear me because I am told the mircophone is in the original Fusion mirror. If I put back the mirror the Fusion came with I have no gate opener. It appears I can either enter my property or make a telephone call. I can’t do both. I love the car. I would just like to use the telephone together with the gate openers but it seems I do not have that choice.

Ford has, so far, no answer to this problem. Help. Incidentally I love the car.

Turn the cell phone off and stick it in your pocket.  If you have car problems you can take it out and make the call.  Otherwise, don't drink or talk and drive.

Some people have real problems.

Do you trade cars every year?

You’re asking us to explain Ford technology to you. Your dealer should be the one to explain these things.

I’d never switch mirrors, or any other component, from one vehicle to another. Why did you do that? The odds of things working correctly are slim, regardless of what the salesperson told you.

I don’t think you should ever make, or take, a phone call if you’re driving.

Whoever installed the gate on your property must have given you a remote, or can supply you with one. Call them and get a remote gate opener. Keep it in the car with you. All will be well.

It’s not that difficult. Put the original mirror back and use the remote that came with your gate opener.