2011 Ford Focus - Odd message

My 2011 Ford Focus SE 2.0 has the message “Sync Line In” and it will not go into gear after it starts.

Have absolutely no idea why your infotainment system (sync line) would affect your transmission.
This might require towing to a Ford dealership, or a very good independent shop.
Some people may recommend disconnecting the battery overnight, then reconnect to reset everything. If you go that route, it will take time for the various computer systems to relearn.
Your choice. Me? I would pay the diagnostics fee, rather than possibly introduce other problems using the battery disconnect procedure.

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“Sync line-in” means you’ve selected “line-in” as the signal source rather than, for example, FM. It doesn’t indicate a problem and it’s just a coincidence.
Now, when you say it “will not go into gear” do you mean the shift lever won’t move or that nothing happens when you put it in “D” or 'R" or whatever? I’m not a mechanic but that information might provide a clue for someone who is. My own recommendation is to have it towed to a reputable independent transmission shop.

It seems unlikely the sync problem is related to the transmission, but if the entertainment system is part of the CAN-BUS system, such a thing is possible.

Check your owner’s manual, or Google, there’s probably a way to reset (or master reset) the Sync system. Worth a shot anyway.

Thanks. I took everything out for the new CV joint and reinstalled it with
a third person holding straight and it popped in place. When I first started
it there was no ATF leakage. However, when I left the motor on to heat
up to normal temperatures then it started leaking at the CV joint where it joins
to the transmission. I knew then that the CV joint was not all the way in. With the
2nd installation, no further leakage and everything is working fine! Thanks for the help. When you cool off and retrace your steps, sometimes you find a remedy.


Glad to hear you got it sorted out.