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2006 Ford Focus Taillights and Dashlight Out

Hello everyone, I am hoping someone on here could please help me out? I drive a 2006 Ford Focus. Last night, when I turned on my car, a number of things happened. (I should add that it was very cold, if that makes a difference) 1) My dashlights no longer work. The warning lights work fine, and I have checked the dial to make sure they are turned up, but I can no longer see what speed I am going when it is dark. 2) My taillights no longer work. One of the bulbs had previously blown, but now, the only ones that work are the rear blinkers. 3) My left driver side headlight is no longer working. 4) My trunk randomly kept popping open as I was driving. It has stopped doing so, but I am not sure if the problem is gone for good.

The mechanic wants to charge me $100 / hr just to even check the problem and indicated the diagnostics may take several hours. Having just replaced two tires, that option is far beyond my means. Any suggestions / thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

In the Ford products I have owned as well as other makes, the tail lights and the dash lights are on the same fuse. First, check for a burned out fuse. Your owner’s manual will tell you which fuse it is that you should check. If the fuse blows right away, then you need to check for a wire that has worn insulation and rubbing the body of the car.
Perhaps a rear bulb burned out and took the fuse as well. Also, be certain that the replacement bulb is the correct one for the car. The wrong bulb–a single filament instead of a dual filament can cause a short circuit.

The problem might be with the GEM (Generic Electronic Module). All the lights you’re having problems with are controlled thru the GEM. If it is the GEM, you have to have a special programer that can upload the old GEM’s configuration so it can be downloaded to the new GEM.


No offense to anyone . . . how is it that people gladly pay good money for cars but don’t/can’t pay for diagnosis?

By the way, you do realize the mechanic is only getting a fraction of that $100. $30/hr tops, quite possibly less.

I agree with @Triedaq. Check those fuses.

Start with the simple stuff. Check the fuses. The taillights and dash lights are often on the same fuse. As for the other items, they may be related to the taillights or there could be a more involved problem, perhaps with the GEM module as Tester indicated. If a blown fuse and bulb problem don’t get you in the right direction, time to see the mechanic. $100/hr is fair. Go to the dentist with a toothache and it’ll cost far more than $100 to tell you why and probably take far less than an hour.