Mysterious noise

noise started awhile ago subtle enough where mechanic couldn’t pick it up but has progressively gotten louder. Sounds like a grumble-intermittent at low rpm between 25-40mph exhaust system has already been checked for loose stuff.Next step is tranny guys unless anyone has any ideas

What model year and how many miles on your Pilot?  Has there been any CEL (Check Engine Light)?  Any history of problems?  Would you call the noise a rattle or a rumble?  It is difficult to identify a noise when you can't hear it.

Model-Year ? Approximate Number Of Total Miles ?


P.S. Mechanics are sometimes the last to hear car noise problems. It’s not because of incompetence, but rather it’s working in a noisy environment that takes a toll on hearing.

Exhaust Heat Shields Were Probably Checked, But Was Attention Given Specifically To The Intermediate Shaft Shield ? There’s A Revised Shield For Some 05 - 07 Pilots.

The original shields made noises under light acceleration. The description of the noise doesn’t match your description, but I’d check it out.


2003 140k no CEL, no history probs, sounds rumble like, lasts 1 or 2 seconds then gone til next time coditions are right, had the exhaust shields checked but the one mentioned I’m not sure about whether it got checked or not Thanks for your response Happy holidays