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symptoms: whooshing and shuddering

For a number of months now, our '03 Honda Pilot has developed a “whooshing” sound and also a decided “shudder”. Describing it as whooshing is the best I can do but I’d compare it to the sound of a gust of wind or a flapping of something in the air. It seems to originate up under the left side of the dash.

The second issue is the vibration I’d best describe as a shudder. The whole car seems to vibrate but not the steering wheel. Speed does not seem to be a factor and the occurance is totally random. It can last as long as a blink of an eye or as long as a couple of seconds. There’s no association with braking either–just driving along normally.

I’ve taken it into the dealership twice but the randomness didn’t occur while the service man was driving it so they could only go by my descriptions. They could find nothing.

My husband doesn’t hear well but he did feel the vibration effect. And a friend of mine “heard” the whooshing sound tonight as I was driving.

Any suggestions would be appreciated


The ‘whooshing’ sound MAY be coming from air (wind gusts) moving through a small gap in some loose or maligned piece of weather-stripping.

The shudder may be from worn or damaged CV-joints or an inboard joint assembly is sticking.


Thanks so much for responding. I shall copy these two suggestions and take them to our dealer. Sorry I didn’t see this sooner.


In rethinking your suggestion regarding the whooshing sound, I almost feel that couldn’t be the problem. It happens on calm days, although that is exactly what it sounds like.
However, unlike wind gusts when one almost has trouble keeping the car on the road, there is absolutely no movement of the car–no sensation of resistance.

It’s a mystery.


Perhaps the whooshing sound is from a vacume control or leak.


A vacuum leak usually makes a whistling sound, but I think that you have one and I think it is causing both of your problems. The shudder is probably the engine misfiring.


Keith, Bing and Roadrunner,

Thank you very much for your input. Sorry I didn’t respond sooner. Naturally, I want to get the problem fixed ASAP so when I call Honda, I will take in all your suggestions. Trouble is, if the noises and vibrations simply don’t happen on their watch, I’m not sure what to do because all your suggestions sound rather serious.

My question is this: if any or all of the suggestions are problematic, should this be something that needs immediate attention? I was driving the Pilot today and the symptoms seem to be occuring more frequently and with more intensity.

I seriously than you all.


Typo: I meant “I want to thank you all”