An ominous jiggling

Hi all,

I have a 95 Honda Accord in good mechanical shape. Just took it in for an oil change not two days ago. The courtesy check said all was fine. I then took a long drive (500 miles). Now I notice as I’m accelerating from a full stop (say, at a stoplight) that the car seems to be bouncing or jiggling as it speeds up - the kind of feeling you’d get when you’re driving on a bridge with an 18 wheeler passing you. I can see it by looking at the steering wheel, which rattles around (and veers to the right)if I take my hands off it. I don’t hear any audible sounds - i.e. knocking, grinding, etc., and the sensation seems to disappear once the car picks up more speed. Any ideas what this might be? I’m almost afraid to ask.

It could be as simple as the engine misfiring because of a clogged fuel filter.

Check your tyres, did you clip any kerbs recently ?

I think I would check the transmission fluid. Sounds like it might be a shudder in the torque converter.