Switching Rear View Mirrors


Hi: Does anyone know the best way to remove a windshield mirror mount from the glass in order to replace it with another? I’d like to do so in my new Audi A3.

Thanks for your help.


[b]First you’ll need to locate and remove the mounting fastener from the mirror to the medalion, and slide the mirror off the medalion.

Once the mirror is removed, go to the outside of the windsheild, and mark where the original madalion is positioned.

Take a soldering gun, and hold the tip on the medalion. This will soften the adhesive that holds the medalion to the windshield. It also helps to pry between the medalion and windhield while heating with a tool.

Once the medalion is removed from the windshield, the surface must be cleaned. Slice the excess old adhesive off with a razor blade. Now use a solvent such as brake cleaner sprayed into a rag to remove the remaining old adhesive. Also clean the new medalion with the brake cleaner.

Following instructions, apply the adhesive to the new medalion, and position it over the marks you made earlier on the outside of the windshield. Take masking tape, and use it to hold the medalion to the windshield as the adhesive cures.

Mount the new mirror, and clean off the mark you made outside of the windshield.



Take the car to a full service car wash on a busy day. My experience is that when they get in a hurry washing the inside of your windsheild they will knock it off.


OK, here’s another tip. I don’t like the blind spot over my left shoulder created by OEM outside mirrors.
I have an 86 SAAB 900. Wanted wider view. Called SAAB of England who put me in touch with dealer in London. Gave him my Amex #, and he FedExed me a British passenger side (left side) mirror lens that popped right into my fixture. Now have much better view of traffic on adjoining lane, and the mirror does NOT say “Objects are nearer than they appear.” Try the same thing with Audi of England.