Swing'n sway bar Montana

We own a 99 Pontiac Montana, recently every pothole or construction plate caused the ABS and another light to come on. After shut down lightsoff, hit bump we’re bakc. Autoshop instructor at High School where wife works had class tighten swaybar, but were not able to lock it down (that was seven days back). Lights are back what say you to a 75 mile turkey day round trip before we get the thing locked down??

Maybe a loose ABS sensor or wire.   I am not sure what that lock it down thing is.  Why not?

I have a 2005 Montana SV6 that had an intermittant problem with the ABS & Traction Control lights coming on (for no apparent reason, meaning not going over a bump). Upon restarting the engine the lights would go out and then, at some point (no consistency to when) they would come on again! My repair shop tried testing the ABS sensor at the wheel but could not find anything wrong with it’s signal output, even when the dash light would come on while testing, after they had cleared the error code. Ultimately (after two visits to the shop)they discovered that by wiggling the right front sensor harness it caused the ABS / Traction Control lights to activate! That harness also was also somewhat kinked to fit around an air conditioning hose (factory install). By re-routing this harness and straightening out the wire where it attached to the ABS module, the problem was corrected!