2011 GMC Sierra 1500 - ABS light - Stabilitrak

While driving the truck, the anti-lock brake light came on as well as the stabilitrak light, and it felt like the brakes were engaging. Based on previous service reports from the local dealership, we knew the front brakes were getting close to having to be changed. After the issue with the lights mentioned, we took the truck to the dealership and they stated they needed to change a wheel sensor or brake sensor, then we had them replace the front brakes. They also found a bad ball joint and replaced that as well. 2 days later, we heard what sounded like the brakes we engaging, but were not sure. 2 more days later, both of the lights mentioned came back on, stayed on and went out after about 20 minutes. We took the truck back to the dealership. They seen in the codes where the lights came on, but they could not find any cause, and could not get the anti-lock brakes or the stabilitrak lights to come on. What could be causing this problem?

Sounds like Stabilitrak is confused and turning itself on when nothing is happening. Not sure how old the battery is but the voltage may be dropping a bit too much and causing Stabilitrak to try and re-start itself. When it does, it will be confused for a few seconds and may apply a brake or 2 without your foot on the pedal (that’s how it works, when it works correctly).

There may also be an issue with the combo yaw and acceleration sensor or the steering position sensor. More likely the steering sensor going in and out.

If the battery is old, have it tested and replaced if needed. If you can figure out specifically when this occurs and duplicate it fairly reliably, have a tech from the dealer ride with you with his scanner so you can demonstrate it. If he can capture the event. he’ll be able to fix what’s wrong.

Post the specific codes so we can see them. They may be listed on the repair order if you don’t know them…