Swing'n sway bar Montana

Would you do a 75 mile holiday drive on a 99 Montana van which has had the front sway bar tightned but not yet locked down? High School shop class tightned it last weds, but ran out of time for locking it in, we drove (unknowingly) with it for 45 days, the warning lights were a hint but… the abs and another would come on at every bump and that’s starting to happen again.

That’s just an accident lookin’ for a place to happen.

So, has it been fixed by now?

You’re serious about this? The complaint about tightened but not yet locked down is pretty vague, but if a shop class allowed a vehicle to leave like this then the instructor should be fired or reassigned (say in food service) and any students involved should also find another line of work ( say in food service).

And no, the vehicle should not be driven until repaired. If someone left something loose on the sway bar (say end links) then maybe a flopping end link has ruined some ABS sensor wiring.

Blame my wife the special ed teacher-one car family. Oh and I’m a univerisyt food service worker so harrumph (but I won’t even try to work on naything newer than say a 69 VW 'cause I make a wicked clam pasta, but mess up the timing. Thanks for the info, will continue to nag wife to schedule the bay time like yesterday