Abs light came back

i fixed a broken wheel speed sensor wire 2 weeks ago. no lights on dash now. everyday i cross some rough train tracks. always slow down. till yesterday i had a car on my bumper so i went over at 20mph or so and looked at dash and darn abs/trac light came on. wth? just life i guess or related to that wheel? guess i get to take wheel off again.

Scan the code(s)

Could be something unrelated to the previous repair

Could be something as simple as a stop lamp switch . . .

A few days ago, as I was driving, the traction control came on. I was able to see . . . from the reflection of the car behind me . . . that my stop lights were working. Yet the cruise control wasn’t working, which made me think the stop lamp switch might possibly be bad, since the typical stop lamp switch actually has 2 or more circuits

At the first opportunity, I hooked up my scanner and there was indeed a stop lamp switch fault code

I headed to the local parts store and bought a stop lamp switch

Once back home, I replaced the switch

I didn’t even have to clear the code after buttoning everything back up

When I started the engine, the warning light remained off at idle

Is the ABS light still on,

If not, it probably just came on because you had one or more wheels in the air for a split second or so, and there is nothing wrong.

No, stayed on all the way home. Took off wheel. Checked wiring. No nicks or new scuffs I can see. Get code read next. Did notice my sensor wire is on inside of bearing race next to cv axle. Some bearings have it on outside of knuckle. But my wire is not frayed.

Broken wire was on RF.
New code is LF.
Light goes off with shutdown.
Comes back when I go over railroad tracks.

Seems sensor wire has 2 worn spots from rubbing on axle. So, both front wheels had issues with wires. Funny how changing the struts is too hard for some folks.