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Swapping in a Chevy engine to 2005 Mercury Mountaineer

Can you put a Chevy motor into a Mercury Mountaineer 2005? If so what size?

For the amount of money this would take either have the Mercury motor rebuilt or replace the entire vehicle.

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You can put ANY motor into ANY car with enough time and money. And this swap will take LOTS of time and money because you’ll need the Chevy engine and transmission, wiring harness, engine computer and a talented fabricator to make the motor mounts fit the Chevy in where a Ford came out. You will also need a VERY talented ($$$) wiring guy to meld the two wire harnesses to have ANY hope it will all work when you are done. Plus you’ll need a “tuner” guy to adjust the engine control software to make it work in a Ford.

Are you getting the hint as to how expensive this will be?


I am curious as to why. If you have the 4.0, I would NOT even consider the 4.6 Ford engine swap. Just not worth the cost/effort. I would follow Volvo_V70 advice.

well, you have to pay for another motor. does the replacement chevy motor cost the same as a ford motor? or do you have a good merc motor you plan on selling?

Would also need to swap transmissions too. Not like replacing a 1940 Flathead with a SBC

Hotrodders do it all the time. I never see Ford engines in a Chevy though.

That was my point, you could do it easily in older cars. JC Whitney sold all the adapters.
Maybe, when I win the powerball, I’ll put a 428 FE in a shoebox Chevy just to PO the bow tie boys…lol

There is one simple reason most but not all hotrodders use chevy engines, price. You can buy more horsepower per dollar in a Chevy engine than in anything else.
When I go to a car show, I walk right by all the old Fords with Chevy engines,. It is not that they aren’t done well or perform badly, it is just that I have seen so many of them that they are no longer interesting.

I did see a hot rod recently that I wouldn’t mind having. It was a 38 Chrysler 2 passenger coupe with what looked like a 56 Desoto Fireflight Hemi. It had a gorgeous crhome grill and instead of having louvers or doors in the sides of the hood it had art deco chrome side grills…
The owner didn’t seem to be around to ask details. It was in Warsaw NY.

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Crazy thing to do on a modern car, all the electronics won’t match. Huge amount of headaches. Won’t pass inspection.

Why do this?

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Yes the SBC is low cost with thousands of interchangeable parts and speed equipment available. Ford did some, IMO, dumb things with their engines. For example a 260 SBF can not easily, If at all, be converted to a 289!
As far as the 289, unbelievably thousands of people think a 1957 Hawks’ 289 is a Ford!

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"Cause there are people out there that MUST have a Chevy LS3 in their Miatas… :star_struck:

And folks that will figure out how to do it and make the various computers play together. At least to some degree. Those are folks geting the BIG bucks selling the swaps.


To compete with GM’s E-Rod which is a LS3 with what you need to make it work in whatever you want to put it in you can get a similar kit from ford performance that has the 5.0 Coyote with the 6spd auto that was offered in the mustang Gt Before they went to the new 10spd. You’re spending around $13,000 for the parts alone though.

Thanks for all the advice. I am just trying to get back on the road. This car is paid for and my credit and cash is shot. So I have to find a plan c, d, f and much more. Thank again

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I understand - If you have a running Chevy small block, I’d see if a junkyard would trade you for a used engine that would fit your Mountaineer.

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A lot of people also think the 57 Rambler 327 is a Chevy.

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If your vehicle has the 4.0 L engine it seems that the cost of a used engine is higher than average but most of the expense will be in the labor (15 to 20 hours) and fluids, hoses etc.

You could buy another gas hog just like this one for the same amount, maybe less. Rather than repairing a vehicle that gets 13 MPG I would buy one that gets 30 MPG.