Hard desicion


i have to choose between rebuilding a 67chevyc10 454 and rebuilding a 93 f250 with a 351, its soo hard which would you pick?


The Chevy, if for nothing else other than the fact that both the truck and engine are desireable… It will hold its value or appreciate over the long run.

The other factor is that Chevy engine parts are usually much cheaper than Ford engine parts, even from the same supplier. I have no idea why this is so.


Personally, I would pick a car. Which do want to drive when it’s all done? Are you a “ford guy” or a “chevy guy”?


Depends on your budget. If both rigs are in good shape other than the motor, then go Chevy. But if the Ford is drivable other than the motor, it’ll be way cheaper.


i thought i was a chevy guy until i saw the new ones


i own both rigs right now, but one has a straight six that will be replaced with a 454, and the ford runs, in alot better shape, and has a working motor, but i will replace it because it has 260k on it


What are you doing with these trucks, work or play? The '67 is an antique. The '93 is just an old truck. The 351 has so much aftermarket available for it that it makes it hard to choose from all the alternatives.


The only drawback of the Chevy 454 is its incredible thirst. My colleague had a car with that engine in the 70s before catalytic converters, and 9 mpg city and 13.5 highway was the best he could manage. Maybe the truck version has a higher compression ratio and better ignition timing, since trucks did not have to meet the same emission standards.


daily driving, and play


If the Ford is running, then 260K doesn’t mean instant re-build. What else is going on with it? I’d do the Chevy just because it needs it to get back on the road. Next year, I might do the Ford.


I think I’d fix up the Ford and sell the 67 Chev. You can probably get pretty good money if the body is good. Like someone else said, it’s an antique and the Ford’s just an old truck. And those old Chevys were certainly not very safe, and they handled pretty badly in my experience. The Ford has got to be somewhat better. The Chevy is a good toy for a collector or maybe a hot rodder, but the Ford is still a good truck.


Nobody will want to steal any parts off the Ford. That Chevy big block looks like spare parts to the big-block guys.