Engine swap from Toyota Hilux 3.0 D4D to Ford Courier/Mazda Bseries

I would like to but a D4D engine in a Ford Courier/Mazda Bseries, is there any tips and or help that I can get to ensure that this goes smoothly?

Smoothly? Transplanting an engine into an unrelated vehicle made by a different maker is not likely to go smoothly. I can’t imagine any world in which this proposition would make sense except as a challenge for a tinkerer. Are you in Cuba by any chance? They like these sorts of swaps. Or is it April Fool’s Day already? Still a couple of weeks off?

Make sure your wallet is not empty. It may soon be.

Anything can be done. I know a guy who put a Chevy 250 six and power glide into Jaguar sedan. But it included the transmission, linkage and assorted other parts. You will need Lifting equipment, lots of time and more then a little money. I would just get a spare job and buy a " new" truck.

This is the epitome of a “money pit” project.

Why do it? Seriously…

Swapping a 4 cylinder common rail diesel into a Courier? Take careful measurements but it probably will fit. Use the Toyota transmission, wiring harness and ECU. Gt some wiring diagrams for BOTH trucks because you will need to mate the 2. Get a Toyota driveshaft so you can mate the front half to the Courier rear. It won’t be easy, but nearly anything is possible given enough time and money!

On a dare and an outrageous quote I transplanted a Ford Courier(Mazda) engine and transmission into a 1960 Ford Falcon Ranchero. I seem to recall spending an entire day measuring, cutting, welding, drilling and trial fitting a bracket to get the motor mount to fit and another day engineering the clutch linkage. Maybe Jay Leno could afford my price on another job like that.

I would suggest buying a Stradivarius and studying for Carnegy Hall. It would be a cheaper and more promising undertaking.

There are sites that specialize in diesel upgrades,graze there a bit and good luck my friend and be sure to tell us how it turns out(this sounds promising to me-seen an old Studebaker truck tooling down the interstate not so long ago,that seemed to have Diesel power on board(bet it was a 4BT)

It needs to be a “like new” motor and a body in pristine condition to warrant even thinking about it. Like @RodKnox implies; you need the help of someone who works for peanuts but has the know how of an experienced mechanic and resources to match…for free…I would like to put my mind in a 25 year old body too.

Well Dag,anything you do is going to cost more and be more trouble then you think,I assume He is fooling with something thats pretty straight forward,remember once upon a time you could get a diesel ranger,if you you can mount and connect the drivetrain ,the chassis isnt going to care whats giving it motion if the balance isnt upset,heck some people convert these little trucks to electric motivation(but I have never heard of anybody making a hybrid-shoot,you can get a hybrid EZ-GO with a range of 160-170 miles)

Check your states emissions laws first…

Probaly would never go in California,heard that the EPA was set to ban woodstoves.does that include the ones like cars that have a catalytic convertor,is there any other way to clean the emissions from wood stoves up using technology from auto mobiles?(say where did Robert Gift go ?) Sorry about this post but it is at least half auto related-Kevin

I am sure that they didn’t make the Mazda with Toyota in mind. As simple a thing like a motor mount will need to be welded in, supported and assumed that the vibration caused was sufficiently supported when the job is done. A Ford/ Mazda truck with a different engine option may well have the mounts for both easily provided for. What ever mounting problems you have, extends to the transmission (because the ratios and fitment need to match the motor.) which should be included, the linkages etc. these are some of the problems my friend had when using a Chevy replacement for a Jag motor… Plus…he had a couple of years to do it, a dedicated garage to take up the space, lots of help from his kids and a big govt. retirement pension ( a retired pilot) and lots of other income ( engineering consulting work). I think he may be as wealthy from his wife’s side as well. Her family drives Jags and other scary esoteric cars.

My guess - the OP’s not in the USA.