SUV whistles

My SUV, at speeds over 30 mph, whistles. I’ve been unable to determine if the whistling is emitted from the HVAC system or an external source. Removing the antennas does not make the difference. One rider suggested that the sound may be coming from the roof carrier and moving the athwartship member back and forth would eliminate the sound. It didn’t. Any suggestions for eliminating the annoying whistle? Thank.

Most roof carriers whistle. When I put mine on a Toyota, there are definite whistling sounds, even though the Toyota-designed unit is streamlined. Any small hole in the rack will turn into a mini flute.

I once had one that was so annoying since it had regularly spaced holes, that on a trip in desperation I bought a bag of raisins and stuffed all the holes with them. It stopped the whistle and made the rest of the trip more bearable. So, I would tape over any holes or crevasses first.

I would also check the windows and backhatch for air leakage. If the rack can be removed I would try that as well.

Get blue painters tape and tape the gaps of the doors to body closed. Drive it and see if the noise is gone. If so, remove tape from one door at a time to find the noise. If it is a door to body gap sometimes the door can be bent to solve the problem.