High pitched whine at 60 mph +/- 2 mph

High pitched whine at 60 mph +/- 2 mph. Occurs whether vehicle is in drive/in neutral, AC on/off, radio on/off. Can’t pinpoint sound… passenger heard it too. Sounds like your ears are ringing, expect with constant speed there is no change in pitch or amplitude once it gets going…

I like to keep my car in good order, so trying to figure this out. Checked fluids nothing is low.

Does it have a roof rack? (are they standard on these?)

If so, that’d be my top suspect. You might try loading something in the roof rack to try to change the airflow around it and see if that affects the sound. If that does turn out to be the issue, you can buy little wind deflectors that are designed to reduce roof rack wind noise.

Thanks for the reply, doesn’t sound like a wind related issue. There’s no variation depending on whether I am going into or away from wind.

Total guess - Torque converter lock up clutch problem.

Actually I think it was a wind problem, doh. I got a new antenna a few weeks ago. It was only recently I drove on the highway and got above 50 mph. After taking antenna off, problem seems to go away.

I solved a high speed whistle on an old Camry once by folding down an aftermarket carphone antenna.

Glad you fixed the problem.