Super dooper spark plugs

Is there any validity to the claim of a company hawking $25 spark plugs called PULSTAR ???

Nope. No validity whatsoever. We’ve had numerous threads on these recently.

Your best choice is to use the listed plugs from the OEM manufacturer.

Nope…waste of money…This is about the 4th time someone has asked about these plugs since January 1st.

They do work. Your engine will run. Pulstars are nearly as good as the $2 spark plugs recommended by the car’s manufacturer.

Spark plug quality is a function of how good the electrodes are. Modern cars have Iridium or platinum tipped plugs. They do not cost $25 and last 100,000 miles. Plugs don’t need 16 electrodes or other gimmicks. So, save your money and get a good set of Platinum plugs when the time comes.

Use this forum’s search feature. I’m growing weary of repeating myself.

They’re good. Almost as good as the recommended ones.

What, no “mother****ing scam intended for ****heads” comment procter? Or is that why you directed him to the search function…hahaha

We get this weekly.

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It’s a scam. You can accomplish the same thing by widening the plug gap. And you’ll pay for it much sooner too.

Yes. They will sell you some plugs, and at that price I can’t blame them.