Pulstar plugs

I am due to replace plugs in a couple of my cars…The pulstars look interesting. Any idea if they are any good, and worth the money?

Ideas: Yes. Good: No. Worth: No.

As plugs go they are fair, as value goes they are SCAM. It is a fix in search of a problem.

The electricity from your ignition system will always take the path of least resistance, so no matter how many electrodes you have on your spark plug, only one of them is going to get used at any one time. And, besides, the ONLY thing the spark has to do is ignite the fuel/air mixture which the stock ignition system with stock plugs does just fine and the fanciest performance spark plug isn’t going to do it any better.

I once tried spark plugs with two electrodes (not Pulstar) that I bought at Western Auto in the 1954 Buick that I owned at the time (1963). I had a real problem with these twin electrode plugs fouling out. I removed them after a couple of thousand miles and replaced them with the plug specified in the owner’s manual (AC 44), and didn’t have any more ignition problems. I cleaned up the dual electrode spark plugs and tried them in a 2 cycle LawnBoy mower. (The LawnBoy engine called for a Champion J-8–the cross reference manual listed the Champion J-8 as substitute for an AC 44). These twin electrode plugs worked even less well in the LawnBoy than they did in the Buick. I’ve learned to stick with the spark plugs recommended by the manufacturer.

This has been discussed numerous times here in the last few months. They will work…just as well as regular plugs. A waste.

Agree with the others, not worth it, possibly a scam. These are not multi-electrode, they have electronics in the plug that supposedly makes for better combustion, with faster movement of the combustion zone. I doubt it, once the ignition starts, the plug’s out of the picture, so I question their basic claim.