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Super Adhesive

Car is a 1990. Pulley assembly separated from harmonic balancer. What kind of adhesive did Honda use? The replacement is single piece cast. Why did they put the assembly on with 300 lb-ft of torque?

I think you’ll find that the piece was made with rubber sandwiched between the 2 halves. This would have been molded in place with the rubber adhereing to the 2 halves - the rubber itself being adhesive.

The replacement is not a single piece. It’s 3 pieces just like the one you have- 2 halves with rubber in between!

300 ft lbs? To keep the balancer on the crack! You sometimes need lots of torque to make sure the bolt doesn’t come loose!

The bolt was probably frozen on with 20 years of exposure. Maybe also has some lock-tite on the threads.

The proper torque for that balancer is 166 ft-lbs. of torque.

You are trying to get what is left of the balancer off, right?? You will probably need an impact wrench to do it. Then a pulley puller. No room?? You will have to drop the engine cradle to MAKE room…