Serpentine tensioner

We drove our 2009 Honda to and back from Nova Scotia from NY. The Serpentine tensioner bolt broke off after we got home. Anyway we pulled into Jiffy Lube and they both said that that should not have happened. The mechanic said the same and gave us the old tensioner back to take to Honda saying it was a defect in the car. The car has 45,000 miles on it. My question is what department to appoach at Honda if a part is defective? I am thinking it may have been better to take it to Honda in the first place. Any info would help. Thank you

Well, it might have been better to take it to Honda, but apparently Jiffy Lube took care of your problem. I doubt the Honda will do anything about a 4 year old car with 45,000 miles that is no longer on warranty. Things go wrong with cars. In your case, you made the trip without incident. I think I would count my blessings that the problem didn’t occur on the trip and drive on.

I wouldn’t be taking it to Jiffy Lube in any case unless its an emergency. Should have gone to a dealer but at this point just go talk to your dealer about it. Still under warranty? If not probably aren’t going to do much.