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2006 honda odyssey harmonic balancer removal

I need suggestions on how to remove my harmonica balancer im trying to replace my cranskshaft sensor and for the life of me i can not get it to budge i jus bought a damper used it with a breaker and cheeter bar broke two ratches already used 1/2 inch impact and still nothing tried to get it to break with the crank the engine and still nothing. What else can i do

If you have access to a torch–even a hand held propane torch–heat the crank bolt (just the bolt, not the surrounding balancer) until it’s really hot and then immediately try to loosen it.

Ok cuz i keep calling mechanic shops they keep saying i have to buy the special socket for it to work only

Well, yeah, the method I mentioned is if you are not willing or able to do it properly with the correct tools.

Okay thanks
Also should i be turing it clockwise or counter clockwise

you have a 1/2" breaker bar? how about 3/4"? you have anyway to lock the flywheel so it does not rotate? are you sure your impact really is producing 300+ lbs? a $40 harbor freight model does not

I bought a damper to hold the balancer in place how do i lock the flywheel
Its 250lbs

There’s a special tool that fits into the 6-sided recess around the bolt. A 1/2 drive breaker bar goes into that tool and is set on an immobile part of the car. The bolt is turned counter clockwise. I bought a long breaker bar, about 36" long, with a 3/4 inch drive and the correct size socket for the bolt. It loosened the bolt easily. Nothing else I had on hand would do the job. Those two tools made it possible. You might be able to rent them.

Here’s the tool required to hold the damper when removing the crank bolt.

And unless you have impact gun that delivers at least 1000 ft-lbs of loosening torque, it’s not going to remove the crank bolt.



I bought that tool, plus the long thick 3/4" drive breaker bar and socket, from Amazon. Also a 3/4" extension to bring the big breaker bar out from the wheel well.

You need a lot of leverage to get that bolt loose. One youtube video showed a long pipe extension on a 1/2" drive breaker bar. The 3/4" drive tools will flex a lot less and are less likely to break at the swivel.

Is there a way to get it without that socket

I’ve heard of paying a shop to loosen it and then driving home to do the job.

Okay thanks

got a damper to hold the balancer? not familiar with a damper term

good idea to put witness marks on the bolt and pulley before starting so you can get them back into the same orientation on install. service data says to use a special pulley holder tool , then 19 mm socket and breaker bar will break the bolt loose. says to NOT use an impact wrench when installing. says to tighten to 47 ft lbs using torque wrench/socket, then another 60 degrees, marks should match.

There’s probably a way to do it w/o the special tool. will require you to invent the tool. when faced w/that problem on my Corolla I made a tool to hold the pulley in place, did the job, but my it was a one-use tool, damaged in the process. The Corolla’s pulley has two small holes in it at 180 degrees, so the tool was just a length of plywood with some screws that matched those holes. If you see some holes like that a commercial pin-tool might work, google “pin wrench”.

Given the popularity of the Odyssey, there’s a pretty good chance you can borrow the special holder tool (for free) at a good parts store. No harm asking. Looks like you really have to do a lot of work to change the crankshaft position sensor. Are you sure it is bad?

I like @shanonia 's idea above of paying a repair or machine shop to loosen the bolt too. shouldn’t cost much. why re-invent the wheel?

Yah i asked already at an autopart store they dont carry it with out being special order which take alil over a week to do they want over 60 bucks for it so ima jus buy the socket for 20 buck and overnight it

so your impact just stalls? no balancer rotation? or i assume your balancer is rotating so thats why you need this tool?
i removed an axle nut years ago and lifted the breaker bar with my floor jack. lifted tire right off the ground. so i jumped on hood and it broke loose. aw, it was a vw rabbit. they only weigh a few lbs
1741 lb curb weight. 60/40 weight bias 1044 lb frt and 520lbs frt wheel x 2’ breaker bar so i had a good bit of torque on nut that did not want too turn