Honda transmission slipping

I have a 98 Honda Accord w/ a slipping trans. Would like to get a few more months out of it. Sounds like Honda has a different tranny that the old trick of sawdust, or I’ve heard Alumaseal, might not work. Any tricks to get a little more mileage out of it. Has 169K on it and has been slipping since about 100K. Babied it but then all of a sudden, went real bad.

Have you changed the transmission fluid recently, or at all?

The fact that you have neglected this transmission for 69,000 miles means you are probably really at the end of the road now. The repair at 100,000 miles would have been affordable.

Forget about any treatment, you can either install a good used transmission or scrap the car. A proper rebuild will exceed the value of the vehicle.

Running a transmission in this manner is a poor example of “recycling”.

Had the fluid replaced at 100K. Wasn’t worth a rebuilt at the time, had been in a hit and run and couple other incedents reducing it’s value close to scrap. Any miles I got out of it past that was a blessing. I got 69K out of it w/ barely a slip during that time, quite a feat if I must say so myself. Got about 6 or 7 trips to MT from CA w/o an incident. Was trying to squeeze out what was left of the tires, rotors, pads, belts before “recycling” it. Timing wise, it was the best use of “recycling”, or “no-waste”. It does appear the only option is a rebuilt, especially since it is a Honda, but as stated, the condition made it not-worthy long ago. Was just hoping someone had an “out-of-the-box” solution they have found to “recycle” it just a bit longer.

Thanks for the background information. My work often covers advising industrial clients on maximizing equipment life at minimal cost in a safe and evironmentally acceptable manner. Rigorous maintenance over the life of the equipment is the number 1 rule.

Japanese transmissions cost a great deal to fix, and unless the car is otherwise mint, it’s usually not worthwhile. A friend of mine had a pefectly good Mazda 6 with automatic. The transmission failed and the quote wa $4800 for a rebuild. The car was close to 20 years old, so he scrapped it. Another friend just scrapped a Ford Escort in otherwise good condition but with a failed transmission.

The regular posters on this forum usually preempt the manufacturers and drain transmission oil at about 40,000 miles (no matter what the manual says), knowing that this will maximize the life of the unit, not just get it past the warranty expiration date.

For you next car we will be pleased to give you some of these pro-active tasks that will make your car last a very long time.

Tilt. End Of Game. Please deposit $20,000 to begin New Game…

It sounds like the end of the line, but first I’d check the transmission cable. This could have been the reason for the slipping since the 100k mile mark. See if there is any play in the cable that goes from the throttle to the transmission. It should be just taunt. This cable controls the pressure that the transmission puts on the clutches.

Fresh transmission fluid might help a little too, just make sure it meets Honda specs.

It’s time to fish or cut bait; fix the car or scrap it and don’t get too far from the house with it.

Slipping for several miles can ruin a transmission, much less 69k miles of slipping. It’s a miracle that it made it this far.

If you want your Honda’s transmission to suffer a quick death then go ahead and put saw dust in there. I think you’ve babied it until it cant be babied anymore. A neglected 169k Honda transmission that has been slipping since 100k is finally gone…Time to go to plan B…


My 05 Accord tranny service interval is 105K miles.
It has no pan filter.
It does have an easily accessible drain plug.
I service on color or every 20k miles drain, refill only with Honda fluid.
Service or pay the overhaul cost.
You got 169k miles so good service.