Sunroof not closing properly (taurus/sable)

Hi - I can get my sunroof closed properly, but if I’m not careful, it goes beyond closed and actually dips beneath the level of the roof. I have 2 of these cars (other is a 2001 sable), and the other one works perfect. I’d appreciate any tips on adjusting this.



I had this happening to my 03 Passat. It has a problem with squeeking (when driving, not when using it) and the only way I know is to lubricate it. Once I overdid the lubrication and it over closed. Wiping off the excess oil and a few cycles fixed. I think there is some sort of limit microswitch that stops the motor at the right point, and it was not working due to the oil (exactly why I don’t know).

So there could be a limit microswitch somewhere that’s broken or jammed.

Is it a factory installed sunroof? On those, there are screws along the rails to adjust them, but it is a royal pain to do…

Pop the roof up at the back to see if the little props that angle up as the top goes up are not broken. Look at all the other links too. If something is broken on one side, it’ll do all sorts of weird things.

thx for the ideas - I’ll take a closer look.