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2007 Ford Edge Vista Roof

recently purchased a 2007 Edge with the vista roof. The roof is sloooow to close and when it gets about 8" from closing is slows down almost to stopping. Once it gets past that point, it closes normally. im afraid it’ll get to the point that it wont close. is this something that can be programmed through the PCM, do the tracks need lubricating (ive done that). am i losing the roof function? anyone else experience this?

Check with the Ford dealer see if they have any service bulletins on this problem.

thanks. i did. of course they went straight to the “no service bulletins or recalls but likely its a motor and will cost $800-1500 to replace/ repair”.

Usually when sunroofs start doing this it’s because one of the track guides has gotten loose or is breaking. That makes the roof slide at a slight angle, which binds it on the tracks. To fix, you have to tear down to the point where you can get at the broken part and replace it. I’ve done the job on the metal sunroofs that pop up and slide back over the roof (think 90’s-era Hondas) and that was a royal pain. I imagine the annoyance factor will be an order of magnitude greater with the type that slides back into the roof.

i appreciate the input. ive had those looked at and every thing is in order, nothing misaligned or binding. even greased them liberally. trying to avoid taking it to a stealership but might be getting close.

While it’s probably a sunroof issue, did you have it checked over as far as accident damage? That could throw things out of alignment real quick, especially with these huge sunroofs.

You might do a net search for a process called “initializing” the roof and perform that procedure yourself.
That may get it working correctly again.

This should give you some answers :slight_smile: