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Hello everyone!

My coworker says his sunroof will not budge. It is power operated, factory installed, and I think he owns a Chevy Impala. (I believe it is a 2001 or newer).

I know he is talking about spending some good money on just getting it looked at. Is there a cheaper way around this? Or does anyone have an idea of what it could be?

Thank you!

Did your friend try and open the sunroof when it was frozen shut? I have a 2000 Blazer, I tried to open the sunroof, not realizing it was frozen shut and broke off the ends of the plastic brackets that raise or retract the sunroof. The broken pieces jammed the mechanism leaving the sunroof open a few inches.

The sunroof glass ais ttached to the frame by four screws, two on each side. Remove the screws and the glass can be lifted out to inspect the lifting brackets. I was able to remove the broken pieces and free up the mechanism. The sunroof is working and there is a repair kit with new brackets for $149 (, but installation entails removing the headliner to get to the mechanism (mucho labor). I’m holding off on the repair till the weather get warmer.

This is assuming the motor is working, but the window is jammed. Otherwise, it may be a simple as a fuse, bad switch or electrical connection.

Ed B.