Sun Visor Installation - Toyota Sienna '06 ('04-10) - Advice?

The main mounting bracket on my Sienna sun visor cracked, so I need to replace the bracket and visor. The dealer wants $250 for the part, but I can find a much less expensive used alternative from a scrap yard or online. I would appreciate any advice on whether changing this part is a feasible do-it-yourself job for a non-expert, whether it requires any special tools or expertise, and how to detach and reattach the electrical connection (for the lighted mirror).

Thank you!

If you go to the scrapyard and remove it yourself, you will know how to install it on your vehicle. Sometimes just having the part in hand, you will be able to figure it out.

Nothing to loose if you can do a little jb weld in the crack and clamp it until it sets.

From what I see, you pop off the cover for the visor bracket. Remove the one screw that holds the visor bracket to the headliner. And unplug the electrical connector.


Tester has it , it is really that simple.

There was a recall on these. I got the notice an few months ago for my 09. It said they were covering it for 10 years. Call and see if yours is covered. Good luck.