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2005 Nissan Murano sun visor

The driver’s side sun visor seems to be broken. It will hold in place when against the car roof. But when pulled down to actually block the sun, it won’t stay back against the windshield. It hangs down almost vertically, blocking the sun and my view of the road. Can this be repaired or must I pay the almost $400 to replace it?


Check salvage yards. There may be visors from other vehicles made by Nissan that my fit

Check your local junk yards and see if they have one.

Can you glue some velcro strips somewhere and hold it in place that way?

Junkyard may be a bad place. I believe there are a few posts on this, sounds like a badly designed part.

I would recommend an upholstery and trim shop. They may be able to remove the covering, tighten up the mechanism and replace the cover. These places remove sunvisors all the time to replace headliners. I think that there was a post about this problem with Nissan Murano sun visors a couple of months back.

Try also the “crash parts catalog” at VIP. I’ve had excellent success getting replacement parts through that at a fraction of the dealership costs.