Seeking a sun visor



This is a small problem, but I?d appreciate suggestions that doesn?t involve duct tape.

My 97 Honda CR-V driver?s side sun visor has a broken mirror cover.

I can?t even find a replacement sunvisor, never mind just the rigid plastic flap. I’d settle for either one right now.

Can anyone recommend a source?


Try your local car recycling yard. If they don’t have a match, they can call out on their parts line to find out if one is available and what the price is. You probably have to ask for the whole visor.

#3 for used parts, for new. The latter site is just a Honda dealer that sells parts online, so you may be able to get the same parts and prices from your local dealer. I’m not sure where it would be on the used parts site, but at the new parts site it’s under “roof lining”. Are you sitting down? A whole sunvisor assembly is about $80.

Your best bet is probably just going to a you-pull-it junkyard.


Its good to just get the part number, which I found at the link you provided.

Now that I have the part number and description, I am also checking local junk yards. Thanks for your help!


Looks like a junk yard is the way to go. I appreciate your help.