Sun Visor

Ok, this is annoying. The driver’s visor keeps working itself off the rod. Almost every day, I have to whack it back by hitting the tip of it with my fist. What needs to be replaced? It’s not sufficiently annoying to go to a mechanic if I can do it myself. Thoughts? Thanks very much! Deb


Someone could have a shot at this if you could please tell us:
Car make, model, and year.

Most of these are held in with just a couple screws. I think many are not repairable, but all fairly easy to replace.

Call your car make’s dealer and get a price for ordering a new one. Then call a local auto parts recycling yard (used to be an auto salvage yard) or two and see if they have a visor for your car in your interior color. You may find out it is very inexpensive compared to new.

Be sure a used one doesn’t suffer from the same malady as your’s, though. If so, a new one could have been revised or improved, on the other hand.

Be sure to note whether you have a mirror, lighted mirror, or any other special features.

Try coating the rod with 5 minute epoxy and THEn give it a whack. Store overnight and see how that works. Might end up glued in the stowed position.