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Sun Glare/Short Drivers

I am 5’2" and drive a Jetta Sportwagen TDI. Love the car. The visors, however, don’t have extender-thingies like my husband’s truck’s do, and because I like to sit as far back from the steering wheel as I can, I get glare on the side that’s farther back than the visor can help with. For all of my 40 minute commute, during our 300+ sunny days per year here in Denver. I drive with my sunglasses on, doesn’t help. Hold my hand over the side of my face, which helps. Can put a post-it note up on the window but then when I pull into the parking garage to swipe my badge it gets mangled.

Similar problem on the days I drive due East, I get terrible glare between the visors and around the rear-view mirror. Again, I drive with my hand up, blocking the sun, and post it notes help a bit but it seems like I can’t be the only person experiencing this problem and that somebody must have created a solution.

Thanks -

I had that problem too. Until I took a file folder, cut it such that it was secure but would slide on the visor, and taped it that way. It’s now a “sliding visor sleeve” that’ll extend the visor sufficient to block the sun.

It wears and needs replacement about once a year…but at the price of one file folder I can afford it!

You could also look at having the side windows tinted with that window film. Expanding on Mountainbike’s idea, you could use colored plexiglass fastened to the visor too. Also for some cars, you can get the sun visors that mount on the outside of the window that might help depending on where exactly the sun is coming in.

I like @same’s idea Not that I’ll use it…but I like it.
I got some of theses for the light in the side issue, and they work well.

I put a 5% tint strip across the top 6" of my windshield.

I am tall but still have a visor like you may find in the golf equipment at Wal-Mart or sporting goods store. It has its advantages but doesn’t work perfectly. I look like an idiot when I’m wearing it. People think I’m a wimp until they see how dirty it is.

I am 6’ tall and have the side issue too. I bought a tint film from Walmart for $4 and cut it to the shape of the upper 5" of my window like @keith mentions. I usually take it off during winter months.
Also, I am very sensitive to sun, so wear one of those cover-all sunglasses over my regular glasses. My kids say I look funny, but I am smarter than that, I don’t care.