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Dual use sun visors?

“Back in the day” I remember owning cars that had what I call dual use or split sun visors. For example when I drive home going west on the highway this time of year the sun is setting somewhere on the southwest horizon but the highway isn’t always pointing due west, it meanders back and forth between southwest, west and northwest. So the sun visor in my Sonata works great when it’s due west and if the glare is in my driver’s side window, southwest, of course I can pop it up from it’s catch and move it to the side. But this back and forth thing goes on and on depending on the way the road’s going and besides it’s kinda dangerous because you lose your sight for a second or two while you’re flipping it back and forth.

Whatever happened to that little extra flip down visor mounted behind the main visor? I’ve started looking on the aftermarket sites but haven’t found anything useful yet. Of course Hyundai doesn’t offer anything either.

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I too would like to have additional sun visors.

That is a great feature!
Unfortunately, the only car I ever owned that had it, was my '86 Taurus.
I wish that every mfr included it as standard equipment.

The only dual visor I eves saw was a solid visor with a darkened transparent one behind it but they were both on the same shaft so you could just choose which one was down. A manufacturing opportunity maybe?

I just put (sun visor) in Google and the drop down had lots of links for extenders .

I Googled it too, but I am not seeing that attachment that is being described by the OP.

Or maybe I am misunderstanding him.

I was thinking the attachment covers the side and the front so you don’t have to keep moving your visor back and forth.

What I keep seeing are things that look like sunglasses that drop down from the visor…

Am I missing something?

Cardboard & duct tape…

@Gpierce001. Just be glad cars have two sun visors. I remember the bottom line Fords and Chevrolets that didn’t have a passenger side sun visor.

My Rivs had the plastic sun glass shield that would slide out of the visors to cover the area between the mirror and the visor, but that’s all I’m aware of. It was nice sometimes when the sun was just right and would blind you coming throw the space by the mirror. I do remember our 58 Chevy having only one visor-the second one was an option, along with back-up lights and push button radio.

I did a google too and it was interesting that people that viewed the sun visor also viewed the happy roller propane tank carrier, and the fake rocks. What does it say? I dunno.

I don’t want an extender. What’s needed is when you unclip and move your visor over to the side window there’s another smaller visor behind it to lower onto the main windshield so that you don’t have to keep moving the main visor back and forth as your direction changes.

That is exactly what I had on my '86 Taurus, and I REALLY liked that feature.
It’s a shame that this feature has not appeared on very many cars, in view of the reality that it would probably cost a manufacturer about 90 cents to include it.

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It’d probably be simple to make a visor for the top edge of the windshield, to be behind the regular visor, from the stick on “window tint” sheets that are sold at parts stores. You could stick it at the height you want and trim the edge with a single-edged razor. With care, of course.

That’s exactly right, I’ve owned a couple Taurus’s over the years, now I remember!

Ok I found a picture of what I’m looking for, in particular this one is from a Nissan Armada. Would love to find an aftermarket version.

perhaps you are approaching this problem the wrong way? Instead of a dual sun visor on the front window, why not a visor on the side window?

In fact that is readily available. I have a stick on semi-transparent grid I keep on my side window. There are others. It works quite well for me, keeps the sun glare low but is transparent enough that I can see through it.

In these days of AC and EZpass, I rarely have to roll down the window, so it stays in place mostly.

Thanks, I’ve thought about that but I’m kinda a neat freak and I don’t like add-on stuff that doesn’t look oem. Plus I roll my window up and down frequently for various things such as drive through places and I feel like eventually that film will start catching on the weather stripping and begin to peel.

Funny, I have never in my long life used a drive-thru place. I always park and walk inside. Easier (in my mind) where I can face the person I’m dealing with. And I’m not in a hurry. And need the exercise.


Most of the time it is actually faster.

One bank I go to occasionally, I can see the drive thru section through a window. Usually I have no wait for a teller, and see cars backed up at the drive-thru.

I think the rest of the world laughs at us Americans for these drive thru facilities. No offense, I think it’s silly also.

Drive throughs are simply a service, nothing more.

I cannot in my car reach the drawer/window/vacuum device. The curbs they put in to protect the machinery keep my wheels too far away and the height of the drawer/window/device is too high. And my arms are too short. So I hobble in. I don’t mind. I too need the exercise, and I prefer face-to-face.