Glare on windshield


a few months back i bought a new 2007 ford edge.i really love the car,it has a lot of power,rides like a big car,great sound system but there is one thing that bothers me.there is a glare on the windshield from the dash.i have also heard other people complain about this.does anyone know what i can do about this.


I have seen complaints about glare from the top of the dash and reflections from the instrument panel at night. For the former, the only things I can suggest are polarized sunglasses and covering the dash with something not reflective.


I too experience a windshield glare from the top of the dash, only when driving into the high sun. I keep a piece of black velvet fabric handy and simply plop it over the dash when necessary. Crude but effective.


There are accessory dashboard covers that–for lack of any other description–look sort of like carpeting, and they are designed to reduce or eliminate dashboard reflection in the windshield.

Aftermarket equipment manufacturers make these dashboard covers for a variety of car models, and so it is very possible that you could find one for your Edge. Take a look at J.C. Whitney and other “catalogue” suppliers for this type of accessory.