2020 Chevy Silverado 2500 hd

I just bought a 2020 Chevy Silverado 2500 6.6L v8 and was wondering what kind of muffler I can or should put on it go give me a good sound to where I can hear it start up or drive down the street can’t find what would work with pipe diameter and or offsets
Thanks guys

I can’t think of a better way to void the engine/exhaust warranty!


Have you never heard of Muffler Shops ?

I’m no fan of loud mufflers. Know that you’ll see about zero performance change. But it’s your money to waste.

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I guess that sentence means you are going to have someone start and drive away while you set on the front porch listening to the racket your truck makes .

Since I have remote start and that I allow my brother to drive it too yes also if I can hear it other can too

I think you would be better to find a Duramax forum… there are a lot… to get specific owner testimonials about aftermarket exhausts.

Or you could go to truck performance seller sites and look there. Many, if not all, have sound clips.

This site is just a bit too general… and conservative with respect to loud mufflers… to give you a good recommendation.

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OP could have the new 6.6L gas V8

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I’ve never heard a warranty being denied because of a muffler replacement or cat-back system

Still…why take a chance on a brand new $60K truck?

I’d leave the exhaust alone, myself.

Personal preference. I put a catback on my Mustang a week after buying it. No warranty issues at all.

Some years ago my son put a Borla exhaust on his Camaro. It’s stainless steel and guaranteed forever. Pricey but all stainless is.

I do admit that it sounds fantastic with a somewhat subdued throaty growl and best of all it sounds great without being obnoxious.

Too bad the OP didn’t get the $1,200 optional Borla exhaust:
“Cat-Back Exhaust Upgrade System with Single Black Chrome Tip by Borla - Associated Accessories. Upgrade the look and sound of your vehicle exhaust system with this Chevrolet Accessories Exhaust Upgrade System. This custom exhaust allows for maximum performance from Borla’s patented, race-bred technology and engineering. This Borla Cat-Back Exhaust System includes a black chrome exhaust tip, rear muffler assembly, intermediate pipe, exhaust clamps and other mounting hardware. It is 50-state emissions legal and will not void the vehicle warranty when installed by an authorized GM dealership. Non-GM warranty. Limited warranty by Borla, 1,000,000 miles. For more information contact your dealer.”