Suggestions for keeping animals away from my wires? Help!


I posted previously about an animal that seems to like my Ford Focus. I just heard from the mechanic that the animal that did $250 worth of damage last week was double productive and will cost me $540 this week.

Does anyone have any suggestions for keeping animals out from under my car?? I cannot afford for this to happen again!


Sprinkle moth-balls/crystals around the car when you park it. After a few days the animal(s) will start to stay away and you won’t have to use them anymore.


you can also go to a pet store and get a product called Bitter Apple. Spray it all over under the hood (try to avoid getting it on the distributor :wink: ) but spray it on all the wires, and all the stuff around the wires. Supposedly it tastes nasty as hell and will keep them from wanting to chew on whatever it’s on.

Worked nicely for my dog.


Thanks for the suggestions…they may save me from having to sleep next to my car, ready to fight off the bionic raccoons!


Bitter Apple…cost about $11 at my local pet store.

Moth Crystals…about $2.


Bitter Apple is more expensive, but it is non-toxic. “Moth Crystals” produce fumes that are toxic to people, and should be avoided.


On an evening when it supposed to be still with no rain, sprinkle a thin layer of baking soda all around your usual parking spot, then park over the soda. Next morning, take a picture, or a bunch with some reference such as a ruler of the tracks. Contact me, and I’ll ID the varmit for you. The above suggestions all will work, too, but it is easier to deal with kritters if you know what they are. aka*.* here or


Wrapping the wires with aluminum foil may work. You might need to hold it on with zip ties.