Critters eating wire harness


For the second time, our car would not start (but it did crank). The first time, we had it taken to the dealer and they said critters had been eating our wire harness and charged about $1000 to fix it. That was a while ago. Today, the car would not start and the AAA flat-bedded it to our mechanic. He said it looks like critters have been eating the wire harness. I expect the bill to be considerably less, but that is not the issue. The car is kept in a garage (okay, there are openings that critters could use). Last week when the car was serviced my mechanic saw signs of a nest under the hood. He cleaned it out. I sprayed critter repellant around the access points in the garage and under the hood. I placed mouse and rat baits around the garage floor. We came home from a trip in that car last night, and this morning we had the harness business mentioned above. We are in Staten Island NY, so last night was quite cold. What can we do to stop the critters from eating the car?


You are on the right track. I suggest traps instead of bait. MIce tend to stay near the walls so place the traps there. That way you can see the results. Try as hard as you can to close off access points. Do you store anything attractive to wildlife in the garage, garbage, pet food, bird seed…? If so, put it in a trash can or similar robust container with a tight seal.


Put a hungry CAT in your vehicle and 1 in your garage!


Were you joking? There are some neighbohood cats that hang around, but I would be concerned because I have seen that cats also like warm spots. Also, I would hate to make my garage a haven for stray cats by putting out cat food.