Suggest me new tyre rims

best alloy rim for mazda

Probably the ones you allready have on what ever model Mazda you have . Or you could actually leave the house and look at wheels at your local wheel and tire shop . Since you use Tyre that may mean you are not in the US which most of the regulars here are .


Whatever rims you choose, stay with sizes and offset as the OEM rims.
Rim design are a personal choice, I have seen many rims that I consider butt ugly. My stock rims fall into the okay category, I could change them, but have other areas I would rather spend my money.

I like HRE.

Forgeline. Made in the USA. Forged wheels. Very light. Expensive.

WHAT Mazda? There’s more than one model, you know.

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Please provide the year and model Mazda you have. Your rim size will be controlled by the hub and wheel well size. For the hub, there’s the brake area and the number and location for the mounting studs. You’ve also got stand-off requirements and wheel travel inside the wheel well, both up/down, and turning. Then there is the look you are going for. The trick is to find rims and tires that give you the look you are going for and fit it all into the space you have.

Alcoa LvL ONE Aluminum Wheel 22.5" x 14" Hub-Piloted 10-Hole 2" Outset

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I followed a '79 RX-7 in to work today, it looked good on its stock rims. That what you have?

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