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Looking for opinions for what rims/tires I should go with for a 1997 Subaru Impreza

Hey, you guys were super helpful last topic for spark plugs. So now I am just looking to hear what some other owners of a impreza, or just anyone really, have to say on which way for rims/tires I should go. I’ve been on the hunt and I just am looking to learn more so I can make the right decision

Why do you need new rims? What size are your current tires?

Rim design is a personal preference. If you find a design you like, they need to match the OEM specifications: diameter/width/offset.
For the tires, go to , there you can search for tires based on your needs such as wear, wet traction, etc.


Something wrong with your current rims?
If not then save your $$ for non-cosmetic things.
A 23 y.o. car with fancy rims will look like a 23 y.o. car with fancy rims.


Instead of anecdotal–and incomplete–suggestions regarding tires, I suggest that you go to and do a search of all the tires available for your car. It will list both their own rating of each tire and also consumer reviews.

By prioritizing which characteristics are most important to you (good fuel economy, dry road handling, wet road grip, winter traction, ride comfort, noise level, tread life) on their site you will be better able to find your ideal tire than if you rely on random–and incomplete–suggestions.

Tirerack also sells wheels, so you can peruse that part of their site also.

I’ll check out tirerack, only reason I’m asking right now is because my car currently has hubs, with no hubcap. And they’re rusty and I definitely just want to spruce up the car a little bit

OK, then tirerack is a good way to go. Stick with the stock size rims an tires, you’ll get a better ride. They can send you rims with tires mounted and balanced, quick and easy. There may be a shop near you that works with them.


You might also check for ‘wheel repair’ shops in your area, they could make them look brand new for a lot less than the cost of new wheels.

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A good spruce up for your steel wheels is a new set of plastic wheel covers. They cover the rusty steel rims and come in a great variety of designs. Also called hub caps.

Much money is wasted on expensive heavy alloy rims and low profile tires. The result is a car that accelerates more slowly and is more subject to [more expensive] wheel damage.


Okay I will take all that into account. I’ll look into hubcaps and my wheel size is 205/60R15

I was assuming your wheels are steel because you said rusty. Or they could be aluminum alloy with a lot of corrosion and brake dust. A magnet will tell. Steel wheels just about all can take snap-on plastic wheel covers. Alloy wheels, usually not.

If the wheels are just ugly and the tires still have service left in them I would wait until it is a better time to go out for something that a person can do with out . Why take a chance on getting the virus ?

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When it comes to durability, comfort, and appearance, nothing beats OEM steel wheels with a decent set of tires and some decent wheel covers. Steel wheels with wheel covers are also cheaper than fancy alloy wheels, and you don’t have to worry about having them stolen.

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Also, contrary to what you might think, steel rims are much less subject to leaks from corrosion at the bead area than aluminum ones in areas where they salt the roads.


You can order wheel covers on line and snap them in place yourself. Steel wheels have a small lip at their outer edges. It collects dirt and keeps some water away from the wheel-to-tire interface. That lip is where the wheel covers snap into place.

Why tell me , I don’t need new wheels or wheel covers ?

My comment was addressed to the OP, Marley, and was supporting your point about going out at this time and perhaps getting (I would add spreading) virus.