What size rims can I fit on a 2011 Subaru Impreza 2.5i premium?

Hi! I was just wondering what size rims I can fit on my current Subaru Impreza. My stock rims right now are 5x100 16x6.5,+55. I want to go with 5x100 17x8+37. Will these rims fit my car without rubbing? Any help would be great!

I would try a Subaru specific forum.

Go to Tire Rack’s or Discount Tire’s website. They have that already calculated for you - including proper tire sizing.


I would imagine that where you are going to purchase these wheels and tires would have that information . And if I told you that they would fit how would you know that I really knew what I was talking about . That is why almost every place that sells tires and wheels has online charts to show you what fits.

Additionally, CapriRacer’s suggestion about using the TireRack website is a very good idea.
No matter where the OP decides to buy his wheels, the valid info on that site will help him immensely.


Missed the part about tire size. You want to stay stock OD? You don’t say.

The offset is a little shallow. The recommend tire would be a 225/45-17. The recommended offset for that size rim is +45, these will stick out the sides (wider track) slightly but should be OK.