2003 VW Jetta


My friend is about to get new rims for his car and we picked out a set. but im not too fond with tires and all the different kinds what would be the best and whats the differnce?


Well the idea of best depends on the individual. My ideal of best is a good set of steel rims OEM size. I suspect your friend is looking for some designer after market alloy type rims.

I can’t recommend anything specific, but I can make a few observations your friend may want to consider.

Really good alloy rims cost a lot, I mean thousands of dollars per rim. Those that cost a few hundred per rim are cheap imitations. They have the look of the expensive ones but not the strength or light weight. It is expensive to make the really good ones.

The reasonably priced rims will be less strong than steel wheels and will likely weigh a little more.  They will be far more likely to be damaged in you hit a pot hole.  The will be very easily damaged on even a small pot hole if they are the oversized rim, thin tyre combination that is popular right now.


There is no “best” tire. What works for your application is best for you, but may not be best for someone else.

You picked out rims, now go shopping and pick out tires.

TireRack.com is a good place to do some research.

If you’re planning to mount huge wheels on a Jetta, you may want to rethink your plan. Giant wheels tend to be heavy, and will increase stopping distances and reduce fuel mileage.