Problem with pumping gas



I have a Nissan Maxima 1999. Lately I started having a problem with pumping gas into my car (well, I do have a problem with the gas prices too, but it is a topic for another discussions). When I start pumping a gas, the gas pump shuts off every few second, and sometimes gas spills out. I tried to stop by different gas stations, then I tried to pump gas very slow, nothing help. It is so frustrating, most of the time it takes 20 minutes to pump gas worth of $7.00 -10.00. Basically, I have to stop by the gas station almost every day. I called my mechanic (he’s been working on Nissans for years), but he said he’d never heard of such problem.


Do you have a habit of topping off your gas tank when filling it? If so, you’ve likely contaminated your charcoal canister (it’s used to collect fuel vapours, thus preventing them from escaping into the atmosphere.) The symptoms you describe fit this cause perfectly.


I can only add that likely you are warned not to top it off in the owner’s manual and likely on the gas cap cover.


And you actually expect someone to read the Owner’s Manual or to read what is says on the gas cap?



The mechanic should be ashamed of himself. Somehow you got a kink or dent in the filler neck. Have it replaced.


Go to the search block above and type in GAS TANK FILLER. You should find plenty of discussion and possible answers there.


I am amazed that your mechanic has never heard of this problem!
The problem is in the fuel filler pipe. It’s not venting the gas tank, as it should. There is an anti-spill valve at the base of the filler tube. Sometimes, it gets stuck in the closed position. Use a 1/2 inch by two foot long piece of stiff hose, or, a flexible branch. Put the hose (or, branch) into the pipe down to where it connects to the gas tank. Push on the end of the hose to unseat the anti-spill valve. If this doesn’t work, the filler tube may have to be remove, examined, and repaired, or replaced.


I vote for the charcoal cannister.


When’s the last time you heard anyone mention still hose? Watch out for the revenuers.


I have a 99 Ford Ranger with similar problem. I too was advised on this site to change charcoal cannister (evaporative fuel system) which made perfectly good sense, so I ordered one from Ford dealer ($100) and changed it out myself. Didn’t change a thing! I’ve asked a couple of Ford dealers and both said they never heard of this. I never have topped off my tank when refueling and it’s been a year since I could fill the tank like other folks. I’m just living with it but still need a viable solution to this fuel evap failure that won’t cost an arm and a leg.


Did you try hellokit’s suggestion? If you never topped off the tank, the charcoal canister probably wasn’t the problem to begin with, so it makes sense it didn’t help. At least you didn’t spend a lot of money on it.


well I’ve got a variation of your problem. i can get the gas in, but the gas comes out of the filler tube. so i brought it to my mechanic,he changed the charcoal canister, no luck,i had a leak in my tank anyway,so i had new gas tank put in, no luck, bought 2 new gas caps, no luck, soon i will go and have the filler tube changed??? if i just put in 3/4 of a tank it won’t come out??? and that’s what i’ve been doing for a while now. it does not pour out , but it leaks out the overflow tube. right on my driveway. good luck