High beams work but low beams won't


I have a 2003 Chevrolet Trailblazer and have almost always had problems with my headlights going out frequently. On Friday I had one out and the next day both were out, but the high beams still work. I took it to try and get someone to check them but was told by a wal-mart it was too hard to get to and by a Firestone that it’s probably an electrical problem which gets very expensive. Anyone else had this problem? Please help!


You use the low-beams 80% of the time so they burn out 80% sooner…

Two things can shorten bulb life. Voltage is to high or headlight mounting is not secure, allowing the buckets that hold the bulbs to shake around and break the bulb filaments. Both problems are easy enough to check.


[b]A common problem on GM vehicles is the combo/multifunction switch. They were made cheap.

This is the switch inside the steering column that the turn signal, headlight dimmer, and maybe wiper control stalk is attached to.

If you’ve haven’t replaced this switch for your headlight problem, I would give it some serious thought.



Tester brings up a good point about the weak multi-function switch however GM had a chronic problem with the low beam light sockets. They are now available for putrchase. I have included the service bulletin with the repair procedure and part numbers. Hope it helps.