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Faulty Hi Beam Switch

On my 1996 Impala SS, My high beam switch, in the left-hand column lever, just stopped working. One is supposed to pull the lever toward one to switch back and forth. No it no longer makes a click when you pull it toward you and the car is stuck with hi-beam headlights only. I wanted to fix this myself but there are not even any screws on the column housing behind the steering wheel where the lever sticks out. Any clues? Is there a way to open the housing so I can get at the switch? If the steering wheel will have to come off then I will have to take it to a mechanic. Any advice will be welcome.

Look on the bottom of the steering column cover. There may be some screws there. A service manual for your car, such as Haynes, should have instructions for removing the cover.

Be very careful working in this area. If you set off the airbag in the steering wheel it will ruin your whole day.

the dimmer switch is attached to the side of the steering column on the left side about halfway up the column behind instrument panel. there is a rod that comes from turn signal lever down to dimmer switch. when pulling on lever rod should go down to push switch. this switch may be adjustable. if not it’s not that hard of a switch to replace. dont need to remove steering wheel.