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Subaru Windshield Washer

When I use the windshield washer on my 2004 Outback, most of the fluid sprays back on the roof. Short of taking it to the dealer, is there a way to adjust the spray?

It varies depending on the make model and year. Most adjust by sticking a pin into the hole the fluid comes out and using that as a handle to re-aim the fluid. Others adjust by raising or lowering the jet. If you are not sure about it, be careful and don’t use too much force.

I might add that there independent shops work on cars including Subaru’s and except for warranty work, the independent shops generally are just as good, sometimes better and almost always cheaper. Keep receipts for maintenance work to assure the warranty will still be valid is you are still under the new car warranty.

The pin method Joseph suggested has always worked for me. It’s trial and error. Don’t set them too low or the spray won’t go high enough at highway speeds.

I tried your suggestion and it worked fine. I’m about to take a road trip and conditions are predicted to be messy, so thanks for your quick response.