My Nissan Car Key FOB goes off mysteriously!

I have a 2002 Nissan Pathfinder and the Car Key FOB did a strange thing last week. Car is locked, keys are INSIDE the house and [TaTa] on its own, the FOB started to “beep” like when you click it to lock the car, made that kind of sound.

Funny thing and wonder if this could be a coincidence, down the street, 8th of a mile away [or less] a house was being built. Could someone have had [maybe] an alarm system or two-way Nextel phone or SOMETHING [???] that could set it off?

Has anyone ever had this anomaly happen to them or know of a case like this? If so, what can be done about it BESIDES enclosing the FOB in aluminum foil? We did that. Strangely, the beeping has stopped, which gives me the idea that it MAY have been what I suggested in the first place . . . something “signaling” it from wherever to go off!

Can anyone please explain this to me & the cause.

Thanks so much in advance,


Try replacing the battery in the keyfob before you get too deep into thought on this issue.


I agree. Replace the battery.

Hey Guys [both of you] thanks, will do. Take the simple route first!

But still, what could cause the “intermittent” beeping? Could it be the situation I related in the original post? Something in the neighborhood, “setting” it off, is that possible?



Your remote control is strictly a transmitting device.
It does not receive signals.

Chances are, the beeping you are hearing is probably either an internal fault of the remote, or an indicator that the battery is getting low.


Sounds good to me ~ I’ll go with that. Many devices will give some kind of indication when the battery is low. Sounds plausible reasoning to me.

Thanks everyone for your input.