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Subaru remote won't unlock doors

I have a 2008 Subaru LLBean Outback wagon. This is my third Outback, so I know the breed. But this one has had an infuriating fault ever since I got it (new): the remote control for the door locks doesn?t always work. My local dealer (whom I trust) says that this has been a problem on 2008 Outbacks, and they don?t know how to cure it. They think it seems to be associated with the surroundings (e.g., tall buildings). It?s true that if I stand next to the car I can (usually) get it to work, on those occasions when it won?t work at a distance. Subaru says that it has no knowledge of the problem (which I don?t believe), and I need to go to the dealer when the fault occurs - but it?s an intermittent fault that I can?t get to repeat at will! So what on earth do I do next?

When the remote doesn’t work do what I do. Use the key.

Yes, oddly enough, I had thought of that (even professional engineers aren’t entirely brain-dead). But a key doesn’t help me find my car (e.g., in a crowded stadium parking lot at night). And I resent paying a lot for all the bells and whistles on a new car if they don’t work, and if the manufacturer doesn’t seem to care.