Subaru Outback as good as they say?


We just bought our very first Subaru, a 2019 Outback Premium with extras.
Did we make the right decision? It was between this and a Mazda CX-5, which we also loved (esp. the look!) but we surprisingly liked driving the Outback better.

is there anything I need to know about this car?



Read the owners manual(s). There is much more to know about cars than used to be the case.

One thing that matters more in Subarus than in many other cars is to avoid having a tire that varies much in size from the others. For example, replacing a blown-out tire with a new one, while the other three have been worn. Even if the model and the nominal size of the new tire are the same as the other three, its larger diameter can damage the AWD system.

I, too, like a lot about Mazdas but I see far more Subarus here in Duluth, and the Mazdas I see often have a lot more rust than other cars of their age. The Subaru AWD system beat out Toyota’s and Honda’s in on-snow tests run by CR a couple years back.


Well I can’t answer that , only time will tell how you feel about the purchase.
The only thing I can say is keep records and have all service done at the proper time. I am in the minority here but I have all service done by the dealer while under the bumper to bumper warranty.


I agree, especially with a Subaru it’s good to maintain it ‘by the book’ at the dealer. They are a bit more maintenance-intensive than some other cars, but folks love them.


Our family has had both Outbacks and also new CX-5. They are both great to drive. Don’t look back. Enjoy your Subie!