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Strut assembly fit recommendations for 1999 Subaru Legacy Outback

Hi everyone.

While driving my daughter home from daycare yesterday I went over a speed bump in the park and immediately noticed a dragging feeling / sound.

After some inspection, I determined that either my spring broke or the spring broke free from its mount on the strut and was now rubbing the back of my tire.

Anyway, I’ve heard of the springs breaking on these cars, and I need new struts anyway, and it’s older to begin with, so I set about ordering a complete strut / spring replacement for the front.

On 1aauto I found this set, part number 1ASSP00874. They seem dodgy about whether this part is intended for the Outback as well as the Legacy. I can find sites that sell parts that claim to fit one or the other or both. In this case they seem to claim both.

I know the Outback trim was slightly raised from the regular Legacy, but I can’t find any other parts. What are your thoughts on fitting ass poo from A1?

Forgot to be explicitlying clear on the car. My vehicle is a 1999 Subaru Legacy - Outback trim, 2.5 L engine. It is not the Limited, anniversary, or SUS (sport utility sedan) model.

If you have any doubts, don’t get the part. I’d only use sites I know about, like and

And you do know not to drive another foot in your car, right? It could ruin your tire, maybe cause a crash.

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Oh yeah, the car is parked for now. I have reservations about ordering the part, but I can’t find anything anywhere else. It’s kind of a pain and it shouldn’t be so difficult. There’s still a bunch of these cars kicking around.

Odd, rockauto doesn’t list a '99 Outback, but does list a 2000 Outback, and has spring/strut assemblies for them. Any chance it’s a 2000?

It’s not. It’s a 99 Legacy. Subaru really pimped out the Legacy into a bunch of models that year. They had an anniversary, the Legacy, the Legacy limited, the Outback, the Outback limited, the Sport Utility Sedan, and I’m sure 1 or 2 that I’m forgetting. From around 94 to 99 (I think) the Outback was 2 cars, a hatch or wagon version of the impreza (outback sport) or Legacy. It must have been about 2000 when it became it’s own model and wasn’t a sub model of the other two vehicles.

I’m sort of back to square 1. Not ordering this part. The Outback sits 3 inches higher so the results here would not be good.

On NAPA’s website if you click on add a vehicle , it gives you a place to enter your vin # . Perhaps that might work for you . I don’t know what brands NAPA sells but perhaps if they have different brands you could get the part #'s from there & comparison shop .

Hows about pulling an assembly and taking it to NAPA?

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