Pet Cargo Liners

Does anyone have a recommendation for a pet-proof liner for the cargo area of a 2019 Subaru Forester? I need one that covers the back of the seats as well as side walls. I have looked at a bunch online but the measurements don’t make sense to me.
Thanks! seems like the company most serious about doing this right. They would be my go-to people. Good luck and please let us know.

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Your dealership can sell you a cargo tray and a rear seat back protector. They’re two separate items, so make sure they know you want both. The total cost should be around $110. It’s, of course, custom-fit for your specific car, and the seat protector works no matter which position the seatback is in.

Covercraft makes one that comes close to what you’re looking for but doesn’t appear to cover the sides of the cargo area. Just the floor and the seatback. Padded so it’s more comfortable to lie on than the seatback protector and cargo tray from the factory (I’ve camped in my 2015 with them)

I actually went to two dealerships and they did not have what I was looking for. I assumed they would at least have something that would be too expensive but no.

No surprise to be disappointed in a dealership. Their personnel are all individuals, and many are not tuned into the needs of the customers, and are ignorant of and unconcerned with many aspects of the cars they deal with.

Dealers are not going to have something like that because they might sell one a year. I put ( Subaru accessories ) in Google and they have a Subaru site that has all kinds of pet mats .
Also the only retailer that will be left some day ( Amazon ) has lots of them . Some so cheap that if it doesn’t work you will have not spent much money.
It should not be difficult to find something.

I custom made mine from a big, heavy-duty cardboard box. Easy to do, exact fit, been working great.